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Blogs You Can Use and a Little NNM

National Nutrition Month continues and I thought I'd point out to you to a couple of other blogs I think you will find useful an interesting.

Have you ever thought about how your diet affects your quality of sleep? In honor of National Nutrition Month The Insomnia Blog's Sleep Doctor gives you the lowdown on what foods may help you establish healthy sleep habits in The Sleep Doctor's List of Sleep-Friendly Foods.

I particularly like his caveat that no food is the magic sleeping pill, rather the healthful foods he lists are packed with the nutrients that are one piece (a pretty important piece mind you) of the puzzle to restful sleep. One interesting note he adds at the end, recent studies indicate that high glycemic foods (processed carbohydrates like white bread, desserts etc.) may help people fall asleep faster. Perhaps this is because, contrary to popular belief, high sugar foods actually seem to have sedative effect. Have you ever slept better after dessert or a dinner with white rice? I never thought about it before but now I will! (Although not a license so overdo it on dessert)

The next blog I think you'll like is not exactly nutrition related but is parent friendly. Pediatrician Samuel Blackman has dedicated Blog, MD to what else, pediatrics. What I especially like about his blog is he regularly posts Grand Rounds with links to all the best pediatric related blogs out there; and he has a special section for Parents. He'll have a new one up tomorrow but in the meantime browse through his last installment Pediatric Grand Rounds: Volume 1, Issue 24 and scroll down to Parents for real feedback from the field of parenting.

Earlier in the post Blackman addresses childhood vaccinations, the scientific evidence behind them and the unexplainable abhorrence some parents seem to have for them. Real thought provoking stuff.

I will continue to alert you to other posts and blogs out there I think you'll be as I come across them. And please do the same if you happen upon a particularly relateable blog.

Have a fruit and veggie filled week!
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