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  • Nov 15 2012

    Fueling for the Long Run

    Last weekend was Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon and as the Official runDisney Nutritionist, I was there joining in on the action. Before the race I did a warm up run with a group runners and spoke with them about how to fuel during train...

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  • Nov 11 2011

    Digestive Disturbances

    Do digestive disturbances rule your life? Nothing is worse than a stomach issue that leaves you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, constipated, or gassy. Approximately 60-70 million Americans experience these problems every day. While many believe...

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  • Sep 12 2011

    Flavored Milk over Soda Any Day

    As a mom of two young boys who can sometimes be picky, milk is something I won’t let them skip out on. Milk is packed with essential nutrients to help kids grow into strong healthy adults. Both white and flavored milks are excellent sources of ...

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  • Aug 22 2011

    Are You Hydrated?

    During exercise, particularly in the hot and humid weather of August, fluid and electrolytes are lost through sweat. If not appropriately replaced, water and electrolyte imbalances can negatively impact your health and performance. When exercis...

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  • Aug 15 2011

    Dog Days of Summer Require Hydration

    With the temperatures rising, staying hydrated is essential! We lose water daily through regular activities, so in the summer months it is especially important to replace fluids lost from the heat. Dehydration can occur during intense heat, cau...

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  • Aug 12 2011

    What Kind of “Milk” are You Drinking?

    One staple of the American diet? Milk! Milk is great for strong bones and a healthy body, but even though milk is an important part of our diets, individuals may require or desire other versions. This may be due to lactose intolerance (lactose ...

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  • Jul 22 2011

    Have You Tried Coconut Water?

    During these hot summer days my body craves something refreshing to re-hydrate and re-energize. Looking for something a bit different? Have you tried coconut water yet? You’ve probably seen it around—it’s been gaining popularity with athletes ...

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  • Jun 13 2011

    Be Beverage Smart

    About two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered in water, and 60-70 percent of your body is made up of water. Therefore, it is obvious that this liquid is essential for life. You’ve probably been lectured on the importance of hydration so ma...

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  • Jun 10 2011

    How Caffeine Affects Your Body

    Like most busy people, I occasionally get those mid-day slumps where I begin to lose energy and feel sluggish. For most, this results in a caffeine fix (not for me…I get up and MOVE and eat a low glycemic snack), but did you ever think about wh...

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  • Jun 02 2011

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Green Tea

    Worried about getting enough antioxidants? Well worry no more! Sometimes it can be hard to get in enough antioxidant-rich foods, but what if you could drink your antioxidants instead? For an effortless way to get antioxidants, try the super foo...

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