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  • Jun 20 2012

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Red Peppers

    Are you ready to liven up your summer with something sweet and vibrant? Red pepper is the perfect superfood to incorporate into your diet this summer! This crunchy and slightly sweet food has a vibrant color that will liven up any summer meal....

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  • Apr 11 2012

    Super Food of the Week: Papaya

    There may be no better way to start a day than with a bowl of ripe papaya cut into chunks! This bright orange fruit is easy to digest, tastes great, and has a ton of nutritional benefits! That’s why papaya just happens to be my super food of th...

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  • Nov 04 2011

    Shape Your Baby’s Diet

    Is your child a picky eater? Does he or she dislike or spit out their vegetables when you try to feed them? Would you believe me if I told you that this could be due to what you ate during your pregnancy? Recent studies have shown that in o...

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  • Oct 05 2011

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Eggplant

    If you have never bought or prepared eggplant before, believe me I get it. But don’t let those purple veggies be intimidating! Have no fear, you’ll get some dynamite ideas for the next time you want to make something just a little different for ...

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  • Oct 03 2011

    Go Meatless This Monday!

    The Meatless Monday movement is growing quickly! Never heard of it? Well, celebrities like Oprah, Olivia Wilde, Bob Harper, Simon Cowell, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more are taking the pledge and jumping on the band wagon of avoiding meat on Mo...

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  • Sep 30 2011

    The “Dirty Dozen”

    The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a U.S. based environmental advocacy organization that developed a list in 1995 compiled of fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides. Referred to as the “Dirty Dozen,” the list of produce ...

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  • Sep 23 2011

    Make Fall Veggies Irresistible!

    Ever get in a rut eating the same darn fruits and veggies all the time? Break out of the rut with creative ideas to inspire you to eat your veggies! Fall is a great time to explore the flavors of the season: Eggplant: This purple beauty ...

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  • Sep 02 2011

    Nutty for Nuts

    If anyone knows me, they know that I am definitely a nut fan. I love all types from almonds to pecans to pistachios and more! All nuts are a great source of protein, antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy fats, and add delicious taste to meals ...

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  • Aug 12 2011

    What Kind of “Milk” are You Drinking?

    One staple of the American diet? Milk! Milk is great for strong bones and a healthy body, but even though milk is an important part of our diets, individuals may require or desire other versions. This may be due to lactose intolerance (lactose ...

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  • Aug 03 2011

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

    It may not be a regular part of your routine, but maybe after you read this post, you’ll be motivated to try the superfood of this week: wheatgrass! As a natural food grown from a wheat plant, wheatgrass provides a powerhouse of nutrients i...

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