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  • Sep 27 2012

    Tart Cherries for Post Workout Recovery

    Don’t waste your workout! When you get done with an intense workout or long competition, your muscle glycogen stores (energy stores) are severely depleted. Muscle tissue also gets damaged as you train and compete and requires repair immediately...

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  • Aug 23 2012

    Food First, Supplements Second

    After seeing so many athletes test positive for banned substances, we all wonder how this happens. More than half of Americans use dietary supplements every day. Most athletes that test positive have no idea that the supplement which they are t...

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  • Jul 30 2012

    What Foods are the Olympians Eating?

    I love the Olympics— theanticipation, the excitement, the medal ceremonies, and of course, the food! Olympic athletes know the importance of fueling and have the ability to distinguish what foods are best for performance and which ones are not....

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  • Jun 18 2012

    Bananas Beneficial During Exercise

    I am a huge believer in the fact that every athlete should have a banana a day and I preach this constantly to all of the athletes I work with. Bananas provide numerous health benefits and have been a long favorite source of energy for enduranc...

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  • May 25 2012

    Fueling an Olympian

    Have you thought about what it takes to fuel an Olympian? London eagerly awaits the arrival of 10,500 athletes from over 204 different countries, but the athletes will not be the only ones there. This year, the U.S. Olympics Committee will be ...

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  • Apr 30 2012

    Best Foods for Inflammation and Healing after Injury

    Are you an athlete who has been sidelined in the past for a minor sports injury? Whether you are a weekend warrior or a more serious athlete, you can help to avoid being sidelined for too long but incorporating a few important nutrients into yo...

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  • Feb 24 2012

    Moderate Exercise for Mommies-To-Be

    Are you expecting and worried about not being able to exercise regularly for fear of causing harm to your baby? Well a recent study from John’s Hopkins University found that exercise during pregnancy is actually quite good for your baby! Res...

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  • Nov 07 2011

    Fuel Up to Play 60

    Childhood obesity is skyrocketing today with statistics showing that nearly one in three American children/teens is being classified in the overweight and obese categories. It is now the number one health concern parent’s face today topping dru...

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  • Aug 29 2011

    Finish Your Milk

    When I was growing up (in the dairy state of Wisconsin), my mother never used to let me leave the table unless I finished my entire glass of milk at meals. “It’ll help you grow and give you strong bones,” she’d say. Aren’t moms always right? Sh...

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  • Mar 28 2011

    Balanced Meals for Optimal Energy

    Maintaining your energy isn’t just about sleeping well and exercising—it’s also about eating balanced meals! To get the most from your meals, include each food group, plan your meals in advance, and be mindful of your portion sizes for sustaine...

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