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  • Dec 01 2008

    Lose weight: On the Phone

    I have been counseling people for 12 years on how to improve their diet, lose weight, and perform the best you can. I mostly do face to face counseling, but with the technology age that we are in and have been in for a while, it is tempting to co...

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  • Nov 29 2008

    Hungry in America

    Most of us don't think about if we will have food for dinner tonight. Instead, we dream about what we might make or which restaurant we will go to. Unfortunately for many people, they rely on assistance from the United States Department of Agric...

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  • Nov 25 2008

    Top 5 Thanksgiving Tips

    The biggest food holiday of the year for Americans is fast approaching. Are you ready to indulge? What are your favorite treats? People don't want to hear from a dietitian how many calories are in their favorite treats. You just want to enjoy,...

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  • Nov 24 2008

    New Help for Preschool Nutrition

    Are you the parent of a preschooler but have no idea how to get them to eat right? Help is here!MyPyramid, the food guide system designed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), has a new section just for preschoolers. The MyPyram...

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  • Nov 21 2008

    Acai: Health or Hype

    Superfoods are the talk of many internet sites, but do they really live up to the hype? One of the superfoods that I often get asked about is acai berry.Acai is a plant found in Central and South America. It has a stem and berries. The stem if ...

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  • Nov 20 2008

    Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving

    Many of us are feeling the effects of this economy in our bank accounts, yet prices still seem to be going up for many of our commonly purchased items. Let's be thankful that gas prices are down, but Christmas is right around the corner and we ne...

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  • Nov 17 2008

    The New Lipid to Watch

    You have no doubt heard a lot about HDL, or good cholesterol, and LDL, or bad cholesterol. You have probably seen triglycerides on your lab results, but unless it was really high, your doctor may not have even mentioned it to you. That may chang...

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  • Nov 11 2008

    "Flex" Your Diet

    Have you thought about becoming a vegetarian, but you can't bear the thought of not having Thanksgiving turkey or an occasional burger? You don't have to be a vegetarian because you can be a Flexitarian.Flexitarian LifestyleNumerous research stud...

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  • Nov 08 2008

    Think You are Allergic?

    It seems to me that I am seeing a lot more people who tell me that they are allergic or sensitive to different foods. I know that food allergies are on the rise, especially in children, but it still seems odd that so many people avoid so many dif...

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  • Nov 03 2008

    Food Labels Must Have Origin

    Illnesses thought to be caused by contaminated food have been making headlines in the past few years. Remember the spinach, tomato, pepper, and beef scares?A new labeling law has been passed that requires certain food to identify the "country of ...

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