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  • Jan 02 2009

    Weight Loss New Year's Resolution

    Losing weight and quitting smoking are the two most popular resolutions for the New Year. But have you set resolutions in the past, only to go back to your old habits after a few days to a few weeks? Here are some tips to keep those resolutions t...

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  • Dec 22 2008

    Return to Home Cooking

    Because money is not as plentiful as it once was, many people are cutting back on a lot of things...and food is one of them!These foods saw the following price increases:Milk: 11.6%Eggs: 29.2%Vegetable oils: 8%Bread: 9%The National Restaurant A...

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  • Dec 19 2008

    New Sweetener: All Natural, Zero Calories

    I told you a few months back about some new sweeteners using the Stevia plant that were on the horizon. The best one I have seen is Truvia (pronounced True-Vee-Yah).All NaturalThe reason I am gushing about Truvia is because it is for the first tim...

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  • Dec 17 2008

    Online Weight Management Program

    Hello Diet Dish readers! I have an exciting announcement. I have teamed up with to provide online nutrition counseling. Online counseling is becoming much more popular, so I thought I would jump in and find the best pr...

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  • Dec 12 2008

    Milk: Fitness Drink

    When you are thinking of fitness drinks, milk very likely doesn't come to mind. But let me tell you why I think it is the perfect drink for fitness enthusiasts.Milk contains:9 essential nutrientsCalcium and Vitamin D to maintain bone strengthHigh...

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  • Dec 09 2008

    Fast Food is Cheap

    I was reading a very interesting article in The Wall Street Journal today. The headline was "McDonald's Sales Keep Growing," and they reported that of the 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average, only McDonald's and Walmart hav...

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  • Dec 06 2008

    More Good News About Blueberries

    I love blueberries, but I don't always love the price of them in the grocery store. What a nice surprise this week to see them 2 for $4 in the middle of winter! I had a bowl of fresh berries with lunch and it was a treat!You have heard about the...

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  • Dec 04 2008

    Nutrition Solutions for PMS

    Premenstural Syndrome (PMS) is a syndrome that is difficult to link specific foods directly to reducing symptoms. That being said, we do know that certain brain chemicals and hormones cause the body to act differently at different times of the cyc...

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  • Dec 03 2008

    Hidden Salt

    I was reading an article in the January 2009 issue of Consumer Reports about hidden salt in our food. The average American eats about 4,000 mg of sodium each day. The Dietary Guidelines suggest that we have less than 2,300 mg of sodium each day....

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  • Dec 01 2008

    Lose weight: On the Phone

    I have been counseling people for 12 years on how to improve their diet, lose weight, and perform the best you can. I mostly do face to face counseling, but with the technology age that we are in and have been in for a while, it is tempting to co...

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