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  • Mar 20 2009

    Go Green Get Lean

    It is not often that I highly recommend books on my blog, but once again I have come across a book that I truly think is remarkable. So please excuse me while I gush for the next few minutes. This book is hot off the presses and titled, Go Green...

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  • Mar 16 2009

    New Labeling Law Today

    The new Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) food labeling law goes into effect today. This new law covers meats, fish, shellfish, and perishable agricultural products like fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, and certain nuts like macadamia nuts...

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  • Mar 15 2009

    Smarter School Lunch Room

    I just found out this week about a new website that some brilliant nutrition minds at Cornell University have put together to try to attack the issue of school lunches. You have likely heard about the technique of eliminating vending machines and...

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  • Mar 13 2009

    Dietitians open NASDAQ

    March is National Nutrition Month and today was quite the day for the American Dietetic Association. ADA President Marty Yadrick presided over the ringing the opening bell to get the markets started today. I think this is so cool and a sign that...

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  • Mar 11 2009

    Lean Up Lunch

    In my line of work, I talk to people all day long about what they eat. You can't really shock me anymore because I do feel like I have heard it all. But it is the everyday stuff that bothers me most. I am surprised and disappointed when I hear ...

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  • Mar 09 2009

    A Bad Bug Got Me

    I was all set to have an enjoyable vacation away from home this past weekend and I spend the entire weekend on the bed in the hotel room instead. We went out to dinner on Thursday night (restaurant to remain nameless) and within a few hours I was...

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  • Mar 04 2009

    March is "Eat Right" Month

    March is National Nutrition Month and the theme is simply, "Eat Right." National Nutrition Month is a time when the American Dietetic Association, a non-profit organization of 68,000 nutrition professionals, focuses on helping consumers focus on ...

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  • Mar 03 2009

    Annual Report Card on Nation's Health

    The US government released the most recent figures on vital statistics, disease prevalence, health care utilization, and other health topics. It takes quite a while to crunch numbers, and believe it or not, these data from 2006 are the most recen...

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  • Feb 27 2009

    Calories Rule

    You have probably heard the news stories on the new study that was just published in the New England Journal of Medicine comparing 4 different weight loss diets. If not, check out the study yourself.The study was a pretty large trial and the goal...

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  • Feb 25 2009

    Alcohol and Cancer Risk for Women

    Everyone is talking about this new study out of Britain in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute which found that middle-aged women who drank alcohol, even moderate amounts, had increased risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, lar...

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