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  • Apr 15 2009

    Green Cooking and Eating Tips

    Earth Day is less than a week away now, so let's get ready to green it up!I told you last week about the Big Green Cookbook by Jackie Newgent, RD. If you are interested in becoming more eco-friendly in how you cook, this book is a must have!I hav...

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  • Apr 10 2009

    Top 5 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

    I used to have sort of a bad attitude about weight loss surgery. I thought it was the easy way out. I am embarrassed to admit this now, but I am pleased to tell you that my attitude has changed significantly.The term "morbidly obese" is such an ...

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  • Apr 09 2009

    Big Green Cookbook

    Ok, I know I am really on a "going green" kick now, but there are just all of these fabulous books out so recently! Check out my previous blogs on Go Green Get Lean and The Green Pregnancy Diet if you missed them.The latest of my loves is Big Gre...

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  • Apr 07 2009

    Green Pregnancy

    I am definitely on a "green" kick lately. I told you about Go Green Get Lean by Kate Geagan, RD a few weeks ago. Now The Green Pregnancy Diet just came out written by Radha McLean and edited by me!Since I am pregnant with my second (it's a boy a...

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  • Apr 04 2009

    Is It OK to be Vegetarian as a Teen?

    When I was in 2nd grade I had a childhood friend who lived on a farm that I visited often to feed their couple of pigs. Then my pig (named Blacky for the one black ear he had) went to slaughter and I was devastated to learn that Blacky was going ...

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  • Mar 31 2009

    Restaurant Info Online: Darden Restaurants

    If you are watching your waistline, you know that calories are an important thing to pay attention to. But how do you know how many calories you are downing at lunch at the Olive Garden or Red Lobster? You are about to find out. With the recent...

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  • Mar 27 2009

    Family Mealtime is Back!

    The recession that the US and much of the world is facing is having some interesting side effects. I like to focus on the positive, so I will tell you about one of these positive results.People are starting to eat at home a bit more in an attempt...

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  • Mar 24 2009

    Red Meat May Reduce Length of Life

    A new study in this week's issue of Archives of Internal Medicine is turning some heads, especially those who love steak and burgers.The researchers from the National Cancer Institute found that over the 10-year period studied those who ate the mo...

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  • Mar 21 2009

    First Garden

    If you didn't already have a ton of reasons to love Michelle Obama, here is another one: She broke ground yesterday on a garden in the South Lawn of the White House in order to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The produce will be used f...

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  • Mar 20 2009

    Go Green Get Lean

    It is not often that I highly recommend books on my blog, but once again I have come across a book that I truly think is remarkable. So please excuse me while I gush for the next few minutes. This book is hot off the presses and titled, Go Green...

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