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  • May 06 2009

    Is Canned Food Good for You?

    We are all trying to cut back at the grocery store, but do you always have to get fresh produce? Not necessarily. I am always all for getting lots of fruits and veggies in whatever form. But I often hear people tell me they don't think canned i...

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  • May 05 2009

    Pork and Swine Flu

    Can you get swine flu from eating pork? The experts are saying a resounding, "NO!"Swine flu (or H1N1 flu) is transmitted similar to any other flu. You can get it from being in contact with the saliva or mucus of someone infected. Wash your hand...

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  • May 03 2009

    Hydroxycut Recall

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Diet pills do not work and can be dangerous. For proof of the dangerous part, check out the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notice of the recall of Hydroxycut.In all, there are 14 products that h...

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  • May 01 2009

    Best Workout

    I know that this blog is called the Diet Dish but I just had to tell you about a new workout I have been doing lately. It is so incredible I just had to share! Jenny Evans, the creator of this workout is brilliant!It is called Powerhouse Hit the...

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  • Apr 30 2009

    Omega-3's: Which is best?

    The science on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids is strong and seems to be getting stronger every day. But people I talk to are often confused as to where the best source of omega-3 is and how to get it. So here is my omega-3 101 lesson. Omeg...

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  • Apr 27 2009

    Are You a Nutritional Hippocrite?

    The idea for this post came yesterday as I was eating yogurt for a snack. I was enjoying a Stoneyfield Farms organic vanilla fat free yogurt but decided that I wanted a little bit of crunch with it. Looking at the cereals open in the pantry, I d...

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  • Apr 24 2009

    Love Nuts? Try Walnuts

    A definite favorite snack of choice for many people I talk to are nuts. There is something about nuts that are just tasty. I often get asked which nut is my favorite or which is the healthiest and it is hard to narrow down to just one "best." E...

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  • Apr 23 2009

    Are You Losing Nutrients When You Cook?

    I love vegetables and my favorite way to prepare most veggies is to simply saute them in a bit of olive oil. I rarely boil veggies but sometimes I microwave them. Which method of cooking actually maintains the most nutrients and which causes the...

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  • Apr 22 2009

    Why Am I Still Hungry? I Just Ate....

    Have you ever eaten something that you think should make you feel full, only to leave you still hungry? Those little 100 calorie packs of white flour and sugar make me feel that way. I would have been better off not eating anything!A new book ca...

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  • Apr 20 2009

    New Research on Eggs

    A meeting this week called Experimental Biology had some really interesting new research presented on eggs. I have written about eggs in the past and tried to clear up some of the confusion around whether they are good or not. Check out my past ...

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