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  • Mar 07 2011

    Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother: Health or Hype?

    Have you ever found a product that is completely new to you? There are some very unique foods out there—many that you have never heard of or even thought could exist! I recently spoke with someone who wanted to know more about apple cider vineg...

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  • Mar 02 2011

    National Nutrition Month: Eat Right With Color!

    March is upon us, which you may or may not realize is a very important month for dietitians everywhere. It is National Nutrition Month! This year’s theme is “Eat Right With Color.” What does that mean? Simply add colorful foods to your plate....

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  • Feb 15 2011

    Making Fiber Fabulous

    GNU BarsIf you are like the average American, you are getting about 12-15 grams of fiber every day. But that’s not enough. Men, you need about 35 grams a day. Women, you should get around 25 grams.Just a quick warning: Dietitians love to talk a...

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  • Feb 11 2011

    What the New USDA Dietary Guidelines Mean For You

    On January 31st, 2011 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the 2010 dietary guidelines, a guided report giving nutrition recommendations to the general public based on current needs of our country and population. Publishe...

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  • Feb 09 2011

    The Flexitarian Diet

    Tara with Dawn Jackson BlatnerHave you considered the idea of becoming a vegetarian but can’t imagine a life completely free of meat? We all know how hard it can be to eat meat-free, so for those of you who enjoy your vegetables but still want ...

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  • Jan 24 2011

    Portion Control: How Big is That Plate?

    Are you eating healthy, but still not seeing the results you’ve been hoping for? The reason could be portion sizes! Food portions have increased to two or three times of what’s recommended without us even realizing it. In order to get control o...

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  • Dec 17 2010

    Should You Be Gluten Free?

    One of the big nutrition trends right now is that of eating gluten-free, but where did all the hype come from? Gluten free diets are for those that have an autoimmune disorder known as Celiac Disease, meaning that they are allergic to gluten. G...

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  • Jan 28 2010

    New York City Proposes Soda Tax

    I blogged yesterday about how New York City is leading the country by legislating changes in restaurants and food companies to improve the health of it's citizens. They have banned trans fat, required calories to be listed on menus, started adver...

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  • Jan 26 2010

    Is BMI an Accurate Gauge of Obesity?

    I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today about a study out of the Mayo Clinic published in the European Heart Journal suggesting that even "normal weight" people can be fat which carries health risk.The study found that peopl...

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  • Jan 25 2010

    Bacon and Eggs Good for the Brain?

    I ran across this story the other day about bacon and eggs boosting brain power in baby mice if the pregnant mice were fed a certain nutrient found in bacon and eggs. if pregnant women aren't already confused enough. Should they be ea...

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