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  • Sep 17 2012

    Super Spice of the Week: Oregano

    Spaghetti dinners are one of the quickest and easiest things to prepare after a long day at work -- an added bonus is that my family loves spaghetti night! As a dietitian, I always try to find ways to make meals healthier and taste better at th...

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  • Sep 14 2012

    After School Snacks: The Fourth Meal?

    Did you know that children consume about 25% of their calories from the snacks they eat? When children get out of school they are very hungry because their last meal was lunch, and they may or may not have actually eaten much. Therefore, it’...

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  • Sep 12 2012

    Food and Mood

    Are you tired? Sad? Tense? Mad? Whether its anxiety about an upcoming deadline, mood swings from a rollercoaster of a day, or just plain hormonal changes, you can actually help your mood by eating certain foods. Instead of reaching for the fami...

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  • Sep 10 2012

    Six Super Foods to Add to Your Diet

    Check out all the great nutritional benefits of these six super foods to give your diet an extra boost!These top six picks are ones that you may have heard about but may not include as often in your daily routine.I talked about these recently o...

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  • Sep 05 2012

    The Best Brain Foods for Breakfast

    Everyone in America has probably heard the saying one time or another in their lives that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, it’s the truth and especially important for growing children. Eating a healthy breakfast ensures ...

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  • Sep 04 2012

    Super Spice of the Week: Cinnamon

    Are you looking for more creative ways to spice up your cooking and add flavor to your dishes? As mothers and the prominent chefs of the house, we are always looking for ways to make our food taste better or to get our children to eat the food...

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  • Aug 31 2012

    Do Fit Kids Earn Better Grades?

    Do you believe that children who are more physically active make higher grades than others? If you said yes, then you are correct! A new study has found that fitter children are more likely to earn higher scores on standardized tests in reading...

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  • Aug 29 2012

    Super Food of the Week: Cucumbers

    Living in Florida we’re used to afternoon showers and really hot temperatures. Sticking by some sort of water -- either pool or beach -- is a must in order to beat the heat. Another great way to keep cool and stay healthy this summer is by eati...

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  • Aug 27 2012

    Back to School Special : Got Milk?

    As your kids go back to school this fall, do you ever wonder what they are eating or what foods are being offered to them for breakfast and lunch? Some of you may know that the schools have begun implementing changes to their menus according t...

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  • Aug 24 2012

    Super Food of the Week: Figs

    A fig is a small, soft fruit that has many tiny seeds on the inside with a very thin skin. They have an unusual texture but are sweet and delicious!The fig fruit is native to the Middle East and is one of the first fruits to be cultivated. Figs ...

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