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  • Dec 23 2009

    Whole Foods, Healthy Foods?

    I have been saying this for years: Just because you bought it at Whole Foods doesn't mean it is "healthy." The roots of Whole Foods is natural, organic, healthy food. But over the years they have gotten very upscale (hence the nickname Whole Fo...

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  • Dec 18 2009

    Sugar in Kid's Cereals

    I believe I have stated in my blog before that my husband's favorite cereal is Lucky Charms and now my 2 year old asks for Lucky Charms for breakfast sometimes. Am I embarrassed as a dietitian that my 2 year old eats sugary cereals? I am not. W...

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  • Dec 16 2009

    Food Trends for Next Year

    The Food Channel released their food trends for 2010. You can read the complete list here, but I wanted to mention just a few that caught my interest.We are going away from convenience foods and moving more into making food from scratch and getti...

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  • Dec 11 2009

    Calorie Restriction for Extended Life

    The main reason why someone would restrict calories is to lose weight. You need to burn off more calories than you are taking in to produce weight loss. The word "restrict" doesn't sound very nice, but that is really what it is. Restricting you...

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  • Dec 10 2009

    It's Party Time

    This week has already been busy with holiday parties and this weekend and the following week are also packed full on the schedule. I love going to parties and I love eating at parties, but I honestly need to strategize in order to get through the...

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  • Dec 07 2009

    What Does "Light" Mean?

    Are you as confused as I am when you are looking at packages and food labels? This is what I do for a living and even I can get confused! When you see the words "light" or "fat free" what does that really mean? Here is a quick look at the defin...

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  • Dec 04 2009

    Cow's Milk or Soy Milk?

    I get asked this question quite often: Which is better for me, cow's milk or soy milk? The answer is a bit complicated.Cow's milk is obviously an animal protein vs soy coming from a plant source. Cow's milk contains all essential amino acids an...

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  • Dec 02 2009

    Holiday Entertaining

    We are now in full swing of holiday parties! Are you doing any entertaining this year or are you just being entertained?It is really easy to substitute lower fat and lower sugar ingredients to cut calories. Your guests will not even know!DipsBea...

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  • Nov 28 2009

    Thanksgiving Hangover

    It is so nice to have some extra days off to enjoy family or do some holiday shopping, isn't it? It is almost too nice and I don't want to go back to work again on Monday. These days after Thanksgiving often feel like a hangover not from alcohol...

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  • Nov 24 2009

    Donate to Local Food Banks: Snapfish

    I love it when companies partner up to donate to good causes. The Rachel Ray show tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to have Nick Lachey, Carter Oosterhouse, and The Fray on for a Thanksgiving feast for 2,500 people in Wilmington, Ohio. They are also...

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