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  • Jan 14 2010

    5 Healthy Snack Ideas: Are Popchips Really Healthy?

    Now that we are a few weeks into the New Year, I thought you may need a few new ideas for snacks. You are probably sick of your resolution to eat healthy and want some tasty alternatives to munch on. Here are a few of my favorite snacks that tid...

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  • Jan 07 2010

    Healthier Choices

    I love January because everyone is so motivated to eat better and lose some weight. If you are looking for some ideas, check out the clip below from my Daily Buzz TV appearance on Wednesday morning:Healthy Choice: They are reinventing themselves...

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  • Jan 06 2010

    On The Road Again

    Now that the holiday break has passed, many vacation traveler's are home and business travelers are out in full force again. I travel about every other month for business, but some people live on planes and hotel rooms. If you missed it, be sure...

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  • Jan 05 2010

    How Much Do You Burn?

    The million dollar question that I often get asked: how many calories do I need to lose or gain weight? You would think that as a dietitian this is a logical and easy question for me to answer. However, it is not that simple. It is really a "g...

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  • Jan 01 2010

    New Year: Eat Better

    January is always a very BUSY month for dietitians. The holiday gluttony is an unpleasant memory and we are feeling a bit soft around the middle. Time for New Year's Resolutions to lose weight and get in shape!Watch this clip with some tips on h...

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  • Dec 31 2009

    Size Matters

    When someone asks me what I think is the biggest contributor to our weight problem as a society, I don't even have to hesitate before I answer: Portions! We are simply eating too much.People love to tell me what they don't eat."I cut out the ice...

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  • Dec 28 2009

    5 New Year's Tips

    The two most common resolutions are to quit smoking and to lose weight. Unfortunately most people stop there. They say they want to lose weight but they don't make a specific plan to make it happen and by February the idea of weight loss is a di...

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  • Dec 27 2009


    As a dietitian sometimes I feel like I should (or people expect me to) eat "perfectly" all of the time. There really is no such thing as a perfect eater, and if there were I am far from it. I have too much of a sweet tooth for that. I think I a...

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  • Dec 26 2009

    Airport Food: Beware

    I just read an article on that talked about the safety violations of many restaurants at airports. Since all restaurants in airports are inspected by their local health departments, there isn't one particular agency overseeing all of...

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  • Dec 23 2009

    Whole Foods, Healthy Foods?

    I have been saying this for years: Just because you bought it at Whole Foods doesn't mean it is "healthy." The roots of Whole Foods is natural, organic, healthy food. But over the years they have gotten very upscale (hence the nickname Whole Fo...

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