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  • Feb 09 2010

    Heart Health: Choose Cherries

    It’s no coincidence that February is both National Cherry Month and American Heart Month. Eating RED foods like cherries can be a powerful way to protect our hearts. A growing body of science indicates that tart cherries’ powerful bundle of antiox...

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  • Feb 08 2010

    How Do You Anti-Age?

    Is it just me or is there some cream or pill around every corner and on every shelf that promises to stop aging in it’s tracks? Even though the economy has taken a hit in the past few years (I am trying to avoid your reading ‘tough econ...

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  • Feb 07 2010

    Food Should Taste Good

    How clever is this for a brand name? Food Should Taste Good. Yes, it should!I have recently been introduced to these chips and they are fantastic! They sent me some samples and I was impressed with not only the taste and texture, but the nutriti...

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  • Feb 04 2010

    5 Steps to Lower Cancer Risk

    Today (February 4, 2010) is designated World Cancer Day to create awareness around cancer and how to prevent it. Over 12 Million people get diagnosed yearly around the world and 7.6 Million die from cancer. Cancer is responsible for 1 in every 8 ...

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  • Feb 03 2010

    Big Game Eats: Snack Ideas for Game Day

    Planning your Big Game buffet? Here are some ideas:Chips and dipChips and dip are a must. Everyone wants to crunch and dip at any party. Chips are not bad--many chips are made with just three ingredients (corn or potato, oil, and a little bit of s...

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  • Feb 02 2010

    Wear Red Friday, Feb 5

    February is American Heart Month and Friday, February 5, 2010 is the official National Wear Red Day designated by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women AND men in this cou...

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  • Jan 28 2010

    New York City Proposes Soda Tax

    I blogged yesterday about how New York City is leading the country by legislating changes in restaurants and food companies to improve the health of it's citizens. They have banned trans fat, required calories to be listed on menus, started adver...

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  • Jan 26 2010

    Is BMI an Accurate Gauge of Obesity?

    I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today about a study out of the Mayo Clinic published in the European Heart Journal suggesting that even "normal weight" people can be fat which carries health risk.The study found that peopl...

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  • Jan 25 2010

    Bacon and Eggs Good for the Brain?

    I ran across this story the other day about bacon and eggs boosting brain power in baby mice if the pregnant mice were fed a certain nutrient found in bacon and eggs. if pregnant women aren't already confused enough. Should they be ea...

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  • Jan 21 2010

    Satisfying Snack Ideas

    I am always looking for foods that actually satisfy me and keep me full for a longer period of time. Sugar and white flour taste great but don't do much for lasting energy and satisfaction. They are used up as quickly as they enter my body. I h...

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