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  • Oct 10 2011

    Crave Healthier Foods

    What are some of your cravings? If you’re like the average American when it comes to food cravings, you turn to your favorite comfort foods—likely loaded with fat, salt, or sugar. I admit that quite often I have cravings for something downright...

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  • Oct 03 2011

    Go Meatless This Monday!

    The Meatless Monday movement is growing quickly! Never heard of it? Well, celebrities like Oprah, Olivia Wilde, Bob Harper, Simon Cowell, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more are taking the pledge and jumping on the band wagon of avoiding meat on Mo...

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  • Sep 23 2011

    Make Fall Veggies Irresistible!

    Ever get in a rut eating the same darn fruits and veggies all the time? Break out of the rut with creative ideas to inspire you to eat your veggies! Fall is a great time to explore the flavors of the season: Eggplant: This purple beauty ...

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  • Sep 21 2011

    Super Food of the Week: Health Benefits of Butternut Squash

    Fall is the season of orange super foods—pumpkin, acorn squash, and this week’s super food of the week: butternut squash. This fall veggie is a powerhouse of flavor and nutrients. If this food has not made its way onto your dinner table yet, no...

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  • Aug 10 2011

    Superfood of the Week: The Health Benefits of Cauliflower

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “Eat your greens” much more often “Eat your whites,” but I am a firm believer of eating the rainbow and both food colors are essential for health! Eating different colored foods provides a variety of nutrients. ...

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  • Aug 05 2011

    A Healthier Happy Meal on the Horizon

    By now, you're probably aware that McDonald’s recently announced its plan to reduce its Happy Meals' overall calorie count by 20 percent. Launching in September, the new Happy Meal will contain a 100-calorie portion of fries and include a pack...

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  • Jul 25 2011

    No Grill? No Problem

    Summertime may be the season for grilling, but what about people without grills? If you don’t have a grill, there are still other delicious methods of cooking that you can take advantage of! Broiling When grilling isn’t an option, your nex...

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  • Jul 01 2011

    What are You Grilling this 4th of July?

    We’re going to the beach for the holiday weekend (I live in Florida) and I am so excited! My kids are young and love crashing in the waves and playing in the sand. We need a little vacation, so this long weekend is falling at the right time! ...

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  • Jun 27 2011

    All the Flavor with All of the Benefits

    Cutting calories doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite flavors. Try substituting these simple and healthier alternatives for their high-calorie counterparts. Get the flavor of bacon in your recipe without all the fat. Instead, use ...

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  • Jun 22 2011

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Potatoes

    When you hear potato, what comes to mind? Starchy, white? Fattening and avoid at all cost? While starchy and white may be true, the latter is absolutely false! Over the years, the potato has gotten a bad rap thanks to the many diet fads and “no...

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