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Diet Diva

Get advice on healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss from expert dietitian Tara Gidus. 

  • Feb 04 2011

    Who Wants Pizza?

    I was about a month into my very first job as a dietitian when a high level executive I was working with asked me, “How often do YOU eat pizza?” It was my first introduction into the fact that people look at dietitians as if they are perfect ea...

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  • Feb 03 2011

    Big Game No Guilt Snacking

    The Big Game is on for Sunday, and while the players will be burning it off, most people will be packing it on. Check out my latest appearance on The Daily Buzz TV show with my no-guilt Big Game snacks! The Super Bowl is one of the bigges...

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  • Feb 02 2011

    Super Bowl 2011: Healthy Snack Ideas

    Super Bowl Sunday could easily be renamed Super Snack Sunday. Most people don’t sit down to a meal while they’re watching the game—they are much more likely to fill up on snacks like pizza, wings, and chips and dips. You might start a riot if y...

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  • Jan 31 2011

    Eating To Prevent Cancer

    Cancer is scary because we don’t always know why people get it. Over the years, cancer prevalence has increased greatly, and that’s partially because of lifestyle behaviors that we as a nation have adopted. Although cancer may occur because of ...

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  • Jan 27 2011

    Eat Light, Eat Often

    Energy and performance are very important in my day-to-day work. In order to be an efficient full-time worker and full-time mom, I need to make sure I’m at the top of my game to provide the best for my family. For many people, the first go-to en...

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  • Jan 26 2011

    My First Visit to the ER

    In my 36 years of life, not once have I had to visit an ER. That is, until a few weeks ago when I came down with a nasty stomach virus. I was so sick I made the decision to break down and get an IV and some anti-nausea meds. I am still not...

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  • Jan 24 2011

    Portion Control: How Big is That Plate?

    Are you eating healthy, but still not seeing the results you’ve been hoping for? The reason could be portion sizes! Food portions have increased to two or three times of what’s recommended without us even realizing it. In order to get control o...

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  • Jan 20 2011

    Strategic Grocery Shopping

    Healthy eating starts at your home, but in order to ensure that your home will be stocked with nutritious food you need to first learn how to shop strategically in the grocery store! Grocery shopping can be pretty overwhelming. With the nev...

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  • Jan 18 2011

    Don't Let Stress Affect Your Health

    My clients often see me to increase their energy, improve their performance, and lose those extra pounds. To reach these goals the first things that usually come to mind are eating well and exercising. This is definitely the right place to star...

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  • Jan 14 2011

    Simple Ways to be Thin by Spring

    Rather than focusing on the traditional New Year’s resolutions that are often a distant memory by March, this year, try making a few super simple changes that will provide long lasting benefits. Small changes100 calories per day = 10 lbs. pe...

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