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  • Aug 17 2011

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Cherries

    During the summer months of June to August, grocery stores flourish with bright red cherries! When looking for a versatile, easy-to-pack snack that is often on sale (an added bonus) during these months, I often turn to this week’s super food: C...

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  • Aug 15 2011

    Dog Days of Summer Require Hydration

    With the temperatures rising, staying hydrated is essential! We lose water daily through regular activities, so in the summer months it is especially important to replace fluids lost from the heat. Dehydration can occur during intense heat, cau...

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  • Aug 12 2011

    What Kind of “Milk” are You Drinking?

    One staple of the American diet? Milk! Milk is great for strong bones and a healthy body, but even though milk is an important part of our diets, individuals may require or desire other versions. This may be due to lactose intolerance (lactose ...

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  • Aug 10 2011

    Superfood of the Week: The Health Benefits of Cauliflower

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “Eat your greens” much more often “Eat your whites,” but I am a firm believer of eating the rainbow and both food colors are essential for health! Eating different colored foods provides a variety of nutrients. ...

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  • Aug 08 2011

    Guide to a Healthy Vacation

    Where are you going on vacation? I love summer because it’s a chance to spend time with family and friends, and, with kids on summer break, it’s a perfect excuse to go on a summer vacation! Unfortunately, we also tend to get off schedule, inclu...

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  • Aug 05 2011

    A Healthier Happy Meal on the Horizon

    By now, you're probably aware that McDonald’s recently announced its plan to reduce its Happy Meals' overall calorie count by 20 percent. Launching in September, the new Happy Meal will contain a 100-calorie portion of fries and include a pack...

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  • Aug 03 2011

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

    It may not be a regular part of your routine, but maybe after you read this post, you’ll be motivated to try the superfood of this week: wheatgrass! As a natural food grown from a wheat plant, wheatgrass provides a powerhouse of nutrients i...

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  • Aug 01 2011

    It’s All About the Fiber

    “Eat more fiber!” Sound familiar? It seems like we are told this advice almost daily, with this superstar nutrient filling up the pages of nutrition newsletters and articles in health magazines. So, what exactly is fiber and where can you find ...

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  • Jul 29 2011

    A Cheesy Blog Post for You!

    As a Wisconsin-ite (born and raised), one of my favorite foods and guilty pleasures is cheese. Cheese makes any dish better, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, cheese has some fat (and it’s not all good fat) and calories. So, what’s a cheese lover to d...

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  • Jul 27 2011

    Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Corn

    When I think of summer foods, one immediately comes to mind, and it happens to be this week’s superfood: corn! There’s nothing better than grilling up some delicious corn for your backyard BBQ. To spice up your corn dishes, try the many type...

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