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Diet Diva

Get advice on healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss from expert dietitian Tara Gidus. 

  • Mar 07 2012

    Super Food of the Week: Health Benefits of Mangos

    Mangos are one of nature’s most powerful fruits. Its popularity stems from its unique taste, appealing fragrance, and rich colors. Mangos are an easy snack to pack when you are on the go and are one of my favorite fruits to throw in my purse. M...

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  • Mar 05 2012

    Balanced Breakfasts Are Key to Success

    Do you struggle to get a nutritious breakfast for yourself or your family daily? Too little time? Not hungry? Whatever the reason may be, everyone needs this meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (ever heard that one before?) a...

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  • Mar 02 2012

    Get your Plate in Shape During the Month of March!

    Hello March! March just happens to be National Nutrition Month! National Nutrition Month® is a nutrition education and information campaign created annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign focuses attenti...

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  • Feb 27 2012

    Deciphering the Menu: How to Choose the Right Foods

    Eating out can be a lot of fun, but when trying to stick to a diet or trying to eat healthy, it can sometimes be a challenge. Deciphering a menu can often be difficult with the large array of choices that often presents itself to us. Th...

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  • Feb 24 2012

    Moderate Exercise for Mommies-To-Be

    Are you expecting and worried about not being able to exercise regularly for fear of causing harm to your baby? Well a recent study from John’s Hopkins University found that exercise during pregnancy is actually quite good for your baby! Res...

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  • Feb 22 2012

    Super Food of the Week: Health Benefits of Plantains

    Plantains are best described as green counterparts of rich, ripe yellow bananas and are actually a natural super food that many people are unaware of! Although they look similar to bananas, they are actually quite different. In many tropical re...

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  • Feb 17 2012

    Fuel Your Body with Carbohydrates

    With all the athletes that I work with, I preach about the importance of fueling your body correctly before, during, and after workouts. With all the fad diets out there, many of them try to eliminate the most important source of energy we need...

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  • Feb 15 2012

    Super Nutrient of the Week: B Vitamins

    Many people toss the term “B vitamins” around without true knowledge of these powerhouse nutrients! What many people don’t know is that there are 8 vitamins designated as B vitamins, which include thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pan...

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  • Feb 13 2012

    Heart Your Cart

    With the month of February being heart month, it is a good time to do everything you can to show your families’ hearts some love! A healthy diet is one of your most powerful weapons in the fight against heart disease. Building a heart healthy d...

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  • Feb 10 2012

    Eating Green

    "Going Green" is a buzz phrase you are hearing a lot from people trying to find ways to help protect our environment now and for future generations. You may have started to switch your lightbulbs, unplug appliances, recycle papers, cans, and bott...

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