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Vote for Healthier Fast Food

Long John Silver's announced yesterday that they are rolling out a new menu that includes fish that is grilled and not deep fried. The new menu will be called "Freshside Grille" and will be lower in fat and calories than the fried offerings. They will have grilled Pacific salmon, grilled tilapia, shrimp scampi, mixed vegetables, and seasoned rice. Expect to see it near the end of this month. The salmon has 150 calories while the tilapia and shrimp have only 110 calories each. The veggies weigh in at only 60 calories while the rice has 270 calories.

I know we are only 15 days from electing a new US President, but there are more ways to vote than just on November 4.

Vote with your food dollars. Restaurants hear from their customers all the time that they would like healthier options. They work very hard developing new healthier options and roll them out to you. But for some reason, we just don't seem to buy those healthier items when we get to the drive through window.

If you want to continue to have healthy options at restaurants, you need to "vote" for them by purchasing them. Healthier food is often costlier for the restaurant to make, and they are not going to continue to offer it if people are not buying it.

If you dine out frequently, look for these healthy options and give them a try. Many restaurants offer fresh fruit, yogurt, and salads as alternatives to burgers and fries. Vote for those options, and enjoy the many years of good health you will gain in the process!

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