Taste-y Tidbits Part 2
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Taste-y Tidbits Part 2

I started talking in my last blog post, Taste-y Tidbits about what goes in to tasting food. I think this is a fascinating topic, especially when you think about how our tastes develop.

Would you believe that you start tasting food when you are still in the womb? The amniotic fluid of Mom carries the flavors of the foods she is eating. And guess what flavor we prefer? Sweet! Even before we are born, we prefer sweet flavors from our mommies. Salty flavors start to be accepted at five months, but bitter, sour, and savory tend to take longer to be accepted. Throughout childhood, sweet and salty are the most preferred tastes.

Experiencing a wide variety of foods early in childhood can lead to the child accepting those foods and other new foods later in life. Do not give up if your child refuses something the first or even fifth time. It often takes at least 10-12 exposures to a food before a child will accept it. Don't push too hard and make the experience unpleasant because they can carry those memories of being forced to eat certain foods into adulthood.

Kids also develop food preferences based on their cultural experiences. Some cultures combine savory and sweet and some cultures do not enjoy the tastes together. Genetics also influence our tastes. Some people are much more sensitive to certain tastes, especially bitter taste. Most people with hypersensitivity to bitter will not eat very many vegetables because the bitter taste makes it extremely unpleasant for them. Those who do not taste bitter as strongly accept vegetables readily, even having a preference for them.

Our social environment can also influence how we eat. Kids are influenced by their peers and will accept certain foods (even broccoli and spinach) if their friends in their play group say they like those foods.

Did you know?
Popeye helped to make spinach the third favorite food of American kids in the first half of the 20th century.

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