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Svelte Shopping Part 1

I don’t know about you but I just started my holiday shopping. And let me tell you, it can be a nutritional minefield (two words: cinnamon buns!). So, I decided to dedicate today and tomorrow’s posts to svelte shopping strategies. Here we go:
  • First and foremost - don’t wait too long to eat. Set your cell phone or watch to go off every 4-5 hours to remind you to stop and eat something. Getting too hungry will increase your risk of overeating later.
  • Bring something. Keep healthy snacks in your bag so you won’t be tempted by mall treats or fast food. Good options include: energy bars with 250 calories or less; a small baggie of dried fruit and nuts; or even a peanut butter sandwich (don’t bring perishable foods - you may end up with food poisoning). Bonus: you’ll save money by bringing your own snacks.
  • Skip the soft drinks. A large fast food regular drink has over 300 calories, 21 tsp of sugar and zero nutrients. A 150 pound adult would have to walk briskly (at 4 miles per hour) for 60 minutes to burn that off. Choose water or unsweetened iced tea instead.
Check back tomorrow for the next 3 tips but before I go; here are today’s fun facts:
  • This year is the 60th anniversary of the film It’s a Wonderful Life
  • The song Frosty the Snowman was written in 1950 (that's 56 years ago - talk about staying power!)
  • Did you know there is a U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition each year (similar to sand sculptures, but with snow!)?

photo courtesy of National Cancer Institute
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