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Superfood of the Week: Concord Grape Juice

grape juiceWhen it comes to Concord grape juice, this is a superfood that is sometimes overlooked. My kids love Concord Grape Juice and it’s something I keep on hand at my house at all times. There is a substantial body of research to support the idea that consumption of Concord grape juice has favorable effects on human health making Concord grape juice my superfood of the week!

Today, many research studies indicate that the benefits are mostly attributable to the plant nutrients or polyphenols found in the dark-purple Concord grape. According to a 2008 study by Seeram and colleagues, the polyphenol concentration in Concord grape juice exceeded that of many other juices, including blueberry, açaí, cranberry, orange, and apple juices.

Ever wonder what gives Concord grapes and grape juice their purple color? It’s the polyphenols which are primarily found in the skin and seeds of the grape! Many of these same polyphenols are also found in red wine!

Polyphenols also have antioxidant properties to help neutralize unstable free radical molecules which are linked as contributing factors to many chronic diseases.  Besides the antioxidant effects of Concord grapes/grape juice, Concord grape juice has also been linked to having an effect on

  • Helping to support flexible arteries, which can promote a healthy blood flow
  • Relaxed/dilated arteries support healthy blood flow throughout the body
  • Having an anti-clotting effect by inhibiting blood platelets
  • Helping support healthy blood pressure in certain populations

As you’re well aware, most people need to enjoy more fruits and vegetables in general for overall health and to meet intake goals. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, people should consume about 2 cups of fruit per day. We all know the more color on your plate the better and when it comes to vibrantly colored purple and blue fruits, Concord grapes and grape juice are a great choice.  In fact…

  • As a complement to whole fruit, 100% juice is an easy way to squeeze in the goodness of fruit into a daily diet.
  • Just one 4-oz. glass of 100% juice counts as one serving (½ cup) of fruit.
  • Fresh, frozen and canned fruit, as well as 100% juice, each count towards fruits needs to help fill ½ the plate with fruits and vegetables.

I am a proud member of the advisory board for Welch’s.  There are a bunch of heart-healthy recipes using 100% grape juice made with Concord Grapes on including breakfast dishes, entrees and sides, even desserts and drinks. On, you can find educational tools, client handouts, recipes and more! Check these resources out today!

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