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Six Super Foods to Add to Your Diet


A bunch of fresh roasted pistachio nutsCheck out all the great nutritional benefits of these six super foods to give your diet an extra boost!  These top six picks are ones that you may have heard about but may not include as often in your daily routine. I talked about these recently on FOX Orlando, so check out the clipWhich food will you add first?

Cabot Greek-Style Yogurt – This nutrient-dense yogurt is thick and rich in taste and contains about twice the amount of protein than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt by Cabot specifically has more vitamin D, A, C, E and iron than other brands of Greek yogurt. Use Greek yogurt to make a parfait with fresh fruit and granola or add it in your smoothie to get a boost of protein!
Pistachios – This “skinny nut” is one of the lowest in fat and calories and also provides lots of protein and fiber. One ounce of pistachios equals 49 nuts, which is over double the number per ounce of any other snack nuts. They also are great for mindful eating because the in-shell nuts require you to take your time when eating them as well as watch your portions. Plus you will have those shell remnants so you will know exactly how many you have had! (This is known as  the “Pistachio Principle.”)
Brussels Sprouts – These mini-cabbages are loaded with healthful benefits that help fight cancer and boost your immune system. This little vegetable is packed with fiber and vitamins C and A.  Try slicing brussel sprouts in half and roasting them for an hour with a salt free seasoning of your choice and a little bit of red wine…Delish!
Steak – Many women don’t get enough red meat in their diet.  Lean beef is a great source of protein, iron and B vitamins, which many women need more of -- one in five women are actually deficient in iron. Leanest cuts of beef include sirloin and tenderloin.  
Curry – Try adding this spice to your life! Curry has antioxidants like curcumin that help with brain health and fight cancer. You can add curry to your meat, pasta, rice or vegetable dish. Feel like experimenting? Try some of these recipes
Tart Cherries – This little bite-sized fruit is sweet, tart, and packs a healthy punch!  Tart cherries can help to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels. They can also help with muscle soreness and cramps for those who exercise. You can find tart cherries in your grocery store as a juice or a dried fruit snack. 



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