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The New Year is upon us, which means time to make your resolutions! I personally am not big on making "resolutions" because it usually means empty promises I make to myself that end up making me feel guilty for not fulfilling. That being said, I do spend some time every year thinking about the past year and I also make plans for the upcoming year. I simply don't call them resolutions, but believe me, I make some plans.

What are your resolutions (or plans) for 2008? How are you going to make your life healthier or happier?

Here are my plans:
  1. I will do some enjoyable movement every day. I am a marathon runner who is on sabbatical. As many of you know, I had a baby 6 months ago. I exercised throughout the entire pregnancy and was on the treadmill 2 weeks after having him. But then 3 months after that I got injured and have "an inflamed pubic bone." That was back in mid-September and I am still not able to run. I was doing too much too quickly. My fitness resolution is to not overdo exercise and just enjoy moving my body with overall health and fitness in mind.
  2. I will cook more often and teach Basil (my son) to enjoy all foods. I cook, but often it is just throwing something together at the last minute. I want to go through cookbooks and make interesting dishes. As Basil starts to eat more foods, I want to introduce all foods and tastes to him. I want to have a child that eats more than just mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, so this is a very important resolution to me. I need to concentrate on cooking a healthy variety of foods, which of course will benefit the whole family!
  3. I will be grateful every day. My husband got me a "Gratitude Journal" for Christmas (upon my request). I will spend a few minutes every day pondering what that day made me happy and write it in my Gratitude Journal. Being grateful is what life is all about. I want to keep track and be mindful of what makes me happy and list the many blessings I have in my life.

So there is my list of "resolutions" for the coming year. What are your plans for 2008?

Picture of me and Basil at Christmas.
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