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I just returned from the Florida Dietetic Association conference. It was great! I love going to conferences and hearing speakers and networking with other dietitians.

I wanted to especially tell you about the fabulous keynote speaker who kicked off the whole conference. You probably already know him either from Oprah or from his numerous NY Times bestselling books. It was Dr. Michael Roizen. He and Dr. Mehmet Oz wrote all of the "You" series of books. You: The Owner's Manual, You: On a Diet, You: Staying Young, You: The Smart Patient, You: Being Beautiful, and more.

The book that started it all was Dr. Roizen's book, RealAge: Are you as young as you can be? This book is out of print now, but the good news is that you can go to the website and take the RealAge Test and find out how you can age younger.

In his speech at the conference, he listed a few of the things that we can do differently to age younger. Here is a preview:
  • Stress is the greatest ager. It can cause some of us to age up to 32 years faster!!! Relaxation and meditation are keys to aging younger.
  • Nutritional choices can age us up to 27 years faster.
  • Blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Keeping track of our own health and symptoms of disease
  • Quality and quantity of sex
  • Physical Activity/Exercise

The good news is that we can regenerate cells in our body quickly and start today with making positive changes. Cut back on sugar, alcohol, and bad fats. We can change our diet in small amounts which can lead to big changes in our health and in how quickly our bodies age.

Dr. Roizen said, "Your Health is your Wealth." I believe it. If we don't have our health, what do we have?

Go to and take the test. See how your calendar age compares to how quickly your health habits are aging you.
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