Putting on Recession Pounds?
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Putting on Recession Pounds?

I read a story the other day about the terrible economy and recession that is going on in America and the impact on health. The thought and fear is that people are going to start gaining weight due to the recession, dubbed "Recession Pounds."

Why would we gain weight during a recession?

  • People are cutting back on how much they spend on food. You may think that means less food, but instead it means unhealthier food.
  • Foods high in fat, sugar, and refined grains are cheaper than healthy fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Fattier cuts of meat are often also more expensive.
  • Studies have shown that obesity and unhealthy eating habits are tied to low incomes.
  • People eat more and make poor choices when they are stressed. Nothing will stress you out more than not knowing whether you can pay the electric bill this month.
  • Stores like Whole Foods are hurting and McDonald's dollar menu is thriving.

Eating Healthy on a Budget
It is still possible to eat healthy on a budget. Choose foods like ground beef (drain it well to remove excess fat), canned tomatoes, potatoes, rice, milk, beans, cheese, soups, etc. Cook at home and eat at home to save on restaurant eating. And eat leftovers instead of wasting them!
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