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Orlando Magic In NBA Finals

I just have to write about the Orlando Magic today because last night they clinched their spot in the NBA finals by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-90. They are the Eastern Conference Champs and now start Thursday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

I am the team dietitian for the Magic so this news excites me greatly. I have been following the playoffs closely and each time they advance I scurry to set up their meals for them for those next games. During the season I usually have all of their meals set up a month in advance, but during the playoffs I am working with just a few day's notice.

What do I do as the team dietitian for the Magic? I set up most of the meals that they eat, especially the postgame road meals and the meals on the plane. I meet with the team at the beginning of the season and with players throughout the season as needed. I work with the trainers to make sure the guys are drinking enough and eating well. It is a very fun job, especially when we have a season like we have had this year.

So, please cheer for the Magic on Thursday and throughout the series. The Magic have a solid team led by Superman Dwight Howard (Olympic Gold Medalist) but yet the sports commentators have counted them out many times this season. Watch out LA: you are in for some MAGIC!
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