Nutrition Games Part 2
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Nutrition Games Part 2

Hello! Here are the answers to yesterday’s Nutrition Balderdash post:

Formononetin is:
B) A phytochemical found in legumes.

Ciguatera is:
A) A toxin found in more than 300 species of Caribbean and South Pacific fish.

I picked some pretty obscure nutrition terms for Balderdash, but today I choose some “every day” nutrition items for a quick version of Nutrition Jeopardy. Here we go (the answers are below - don't look if you want to guess):

1. It’s known as the sunshine vitamin.

2. Vitamin C helps to absorb this mineral.

3. It is produced by a process called partial hydrogenation and ingesting it is linked to the risk of heart disease.

4. These products do not have to be proven safe or effective before being marketed to consumers.

5. Eating more of this substance found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

I love games because well, they’re fun, but they also help me remember things. When I was in college I had to memorize a lot of material in courses like biochemistry, physiology, and metabolism, and games always helped. In fact, they’ve helped me remember important info since I was a kid – do you remember tricks like Roy G. Biv for the colors of the rainbow and songs like “a pint’s a pound the world around” and “30 days hath September…?” I hope today’s game might help you learn some memorable nutrition info! Here are the answers to Nutrition Jeopardy along with links to additional info:

1. What is vitamin D.
2. What is iron.
3. What is trans fat.
4. What are dietary supplements.
5. What is dietary fiber.

Have a great weekend!

Image courtesy of National Cancer Institute
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