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National Guacamole Day

Yes, it is true. There is actually a National Guacamole Day! It is Wednesday, September 16. So in honor, let's review the benefits of avocados, and therefore guacamole!

Ancient edibles: Avocados originated around 7,000 B.C. The Aztecs ate them, and even had something like chips, a flat corn bread called tlaxcalli. Back then, avocados were considered aphrodisiacs and reserved only for nobility and the very rich.

Mexican quality:
It’s the world’s largest producer, harvesting more than 2 billion pounds in 2005. That’s enough avocados to make guacamole for 8 billion people—or everyone in the world, plus a lot of Super Bowl guests.

How healthy is it?
Avocados rank among the highest for magnesium, vitamin E and folic acid compared to other fruits. They are high in beta carotene and have 60% more potassium than bananas. They don’t have any sodium or cholesterol and provide lots of minerals too.

That's good fat:
The oil and fat in avocados may actually help lower cholesterol, since much of it is heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fat. In one study, volunteers who ate avocados every day for a week experienced an average 17% drop in total blood cholesterol (Archives of Medical Research, Winter 1996).

Ecologically speaking:
In 1 year, a single avocado tree can absorb the carbon produced by a car driven 26,000 miles.

Calories: Only 25 calories for a Tablespoon of Guac!

FREE GUACAMOLE: Eat lunch or dinner at any Schlotzky's restaurant on Wednesday, September 16 and receive one Free Wholly Guacamole 2 oz., 100 calorie snack packs with each sandwich, pizza, or wrap purchase.

Coupons: Dig out the coupon inserts from this past Sunday's newspaper. There is a $1.50 off coupon from Wholly Guacamole. You can also register on to get monthy e-blast coupons!

Get out your carrots or chips and start dipping!
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