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Diet Diva

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Merry Christmas!

Just a quick note to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas! I have left my warm Florida home to travel to Wisconsin to visit my parents and other relatives and friends. My husband just took Basil out for a walk in the 19 degree snowy winter wonderland. No worries...I had him bundled up so heavily he couldn't move! He came back with a red nose and rosy cheeks and a smile on his face!

Since I have been here, I have consumed way too many cheese curds along with rum balls, fudge, and Christmas cookies. I have yet to have some eggnog, but I am sure we will break that out tonight.

It is wonderful to be here with family and to introduce Basil around to everyone. I will post some cute pictures of Basil when I get home. He turns 6 months tomorrow and just had his first tooth break through the surface yesterday.

Have a wonderful time with your loved ones and I will check back later in the week with some ideas for the New Year. But for now...eat, drink, and be MERRY!
Photo of Basil and Santa taken last week. Basil tried to get a hold of that beard but Santa wouldn't let him!
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