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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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It's Party Time

This week has already been busy with holiday parties and this weekend and the following week are also packed full on the schedule. I love going to parties and I love eating at parties, but I honestly need to strategize in order to get through the next few weeks without rolling into the New Year a few pounds heavier.

Calories In...Calories Out
My biggest advice is to balance exercise with eating. I know and you know that you will very likely eat more in the coming weeks. Those sugar plums are already dancing in my head. Not to mention the thought of eggnog causing me to salivate. If you are are going to eat more then move more. Don't skip the gym. In fact, plan in extra minutes at the gym so you can boost that cardio a little bit more to burn off a few extra hundred calories.

Bottoms Down
Alcohol and holidays go hand in hand. Stats prove that people drink more alcoholic beverages when socializing and we socialize a lot more in December than any other month. Alcohol not only has 7 calories per gram (carbs and protein have 4, fat has 9), but it also causes us to let down our guard when it comes to navigating the buffet. If you want to drink, limit yourself to one or two drinks. Reduce the amount of alcohol (and calories) by adding club soda to wine for a spritzer and choose the lightest of beers.

One of my favorite parts about the food at parties is the wide variety of different foods. Studies show that people eat more calories when they are presented with more variety. That is one of the many reasons why all-you-can-eat buffets are trouble. Enjoy the spread of food, but take very small portions and sample. If you enjoy it you can always go get more. If you don't like it you are stuck and you will either finish it even though you don't like it (total waste of calories) or you will worry about offending someone.

Don't Go Hungry
If you are starving when you get to a party you will tend to make poor choices and eat quickly and eat way too much. Have a small snack before you go and definitely don't skip the meal prior to the party. Eat lighter the rest of the day, but don't skip meals and make sure you still have healthy snacks to bridge your hunger.

Enjoy this time of the year for the socializing with friends and family you don't see often, but also for the special food treats you only get once a year!
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