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Hunger Relief

If you are reader of my blog regularly, you know that I like to talk about food. The best kind of food is free food, right? Well, at least in college I thought so. But the other thing I like to talk about is companies who do the right thing to either provide healthy food to us and/or help to support the community or environment through their corporations. So here is a story about a company doing good to fight hunger by giving out free food to those in need.

I have already told you about KFC's new Kentucky Grilled Chicken which is a healthier option for those of us wanting fast chicken on the run. But listen to what KFC is doing as a corporation.

KFC is converting 5 of their stores across the country into "World Hunger Relief Kitchens" during the lunch hours. The employees of these stores will help serve a free two-piece Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal to hundreds of people from area food pantries. The stores will feed those people who are hungry today, but it is KFC's hope that they will also raise awareness of an ongoing World Hunger Relief fundraising initiative. They are collecting donations for World Hunger Relief now through the end of October at KFC stores across the country. Love that!

For more information or to make a donation, go to www.fromhungertohope.com or www.kfc.com
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