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Diet Diva

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Grocery Deals

After reading the blog post on What's Gobbling Your Grocery Bill, a reader turned me on to a website that I wanted to share with you.

It is a live nationwide, free service that allows you to go online, do your grocery pre shopping based on advertised local grocery flyer specials, look at nutritional information, create your shopping list and then head out to your selected store with list in hand.

You can pre-shop by store, category or product and quickly add the best deals to your shopping list and then either print it out and take it to the store or email the list to a friend.

I went to the site and typed in my zip code and clicked a few stores I like. It came back with a whole list of foods that are on sale at each store this week. If you don't get the newspaper ads at home, this is a great way to search the stores before you go out.

Check it out for yourself:

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