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Is Fresh Better Than Canned or Frozen?

While fresh fruits and vegetables are good, they often sit in my crisper drawer and rot. The biggest food cost is when food is wasted and not eaten. That is why I love frozen vegetables so much. They can sit in my freezer for weeks or months, just waiting for their chance to debut and get microwaved for dinner.

Am I sacrificing good nutrition for those frozen veggies instead of getting fresh? Not at all.

First let me point out that any way you will get them, eating your fruits and veggies is a good idea. Research supports that frozen and canned fruits and veggies can be just as healthy as fresh. And sometimes they are actually healthier. When they are picked at their peak of of ripeness, they are also at their peak of nutritional value. Fruits and veggies that are going to be frozen or canned are picked by the company at their peak of flavor and nutritional quality.

A few tips when choosing which frozen and canned to get:
  • Avoid fruits canned or frozen in syrups or with added sugar. Look for packed in it's own juice or if it says unsweetened.
  • Look for varieties that have no salt added or are reduced in sodium.
  • Choose veggies with no sauce or made with a low-fat sauce.
  • Dried fruit can also be a great option but look for those without added sugar.

Check out this new video from the American Dietetic Association for more tips on canned and frozen produce.
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