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Food Trends for Next Year

The Food Channel released their food trends for 2010. You can read the complete list here, but I wanted to mention just a few that caught my interest.

We are going away from convenience foods and moving more into making food from scratch and getting back to the basics. From a nutritional perspective this should be a good thing. Reducing convenience foods means less preservatives and higher nutritional content of foods. Less processing and more fresh.

Sustainability is a word that wasn't even on most people's radar screens a few years ago, but now we don't even blink an eye when we hear it. Not only are individuals doing what they can do become more environmentally friendly, but it is the big companies who have major sustainability initiatives that will result in the most impact.

Where was that tomato you are eating grown? Ever wonder? More and more people are asking these questions when it comes to food safety as well as the carbon footprint of the foods getting to our plates.

What does that cereal do for your health? "Functional Foods" are foods that have added nutrients that boost the nutritional impact. Omega-3s, calcium, vitamin D, and fiber are all nutrients that promote health that may be added to foods. Noticed the probiotics trend? All functional foods. Since allergies are on the rise, foods that are free of common allergens like wheat/gluten are also going to continue to see a rise in the marketplace.
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