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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Donate to Local Food Banks: Snapfish

I love it when companies partner up to donate to good causes. The Rachel Ray show tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to have Nick Lachey, Carter Oosterhouse, and The Fray on for a Thanksgiving feast for 2,500 people in Wilmington, Ohio. They are also going to be replenishing and remodeling the Sugartree Ministry local food bank there.

Last year my husband and I made some photo books of our son Basil for our relatives using Snapfish. They are so easy to use...just load the photos and add a caption and you have an amazing book! The reason I am telling you about Snapfish and Rachel Ray at the same time is because Snapfish is offering 50% off any of the customizable photo books and they will also donate $1.00 of each purchase of a photo book to local food banks nationwide from Nov 25 - December 2!

Let's help those who are hungry this holiday season and make a nice memorable gift, too!

Use promo code RRBOOK when you go to

Visit for more info or to start your photo book!
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