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Does Coffee Make You Fat?

I got a call from the local FOX station last week about a story they were working on. They wanted to know if coffee can make you fat.

Of course coffee can make you fat if you add a bunch of milk, cream, sugar, flavored syrups, etc. But they were working on a story that even black coffee could make you fat. I find it really hard to believe.

They found information on a website called Skinny Science Coffee which claims that coffee makes you fat. They have a bunch of stories of people (some celebrities) that they claim got fat from drinking coffee. They try to confuse using medical terms, list research, and talk about how coffee affects insulin, cortisol and lipoprotein lipase in a person's body to make them fat. But what a surprise...they have a solution!

Skinny Science Coffee is a patented coffee that supposedly won't make you fat. Hmmm......As if nutrition science isn't confusing enough, then you get companies like this! I could not find anywhere on their site how much it was and where I could purchase it. And another interesting tidbit: it is sold as a dietary supplement, not a food! That allows them to sell it without going through FDA approval. Any ingredient in food needs to go through rigorous FDA testing, but dietary supplements are not subject to the same scrutinizing.

Here is a clip of me on the FOX interview talking about the coffee.
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