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Diet Diva

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Cheap, Healthy Foods on a Budget

This is part 3 of 3 about an article in the February 2009 issue of Consumer Reports. Today is about the sections on price vs. nutrition and healthy foods on a budget.

Take a look at these cheap eats that are also very nutritious:

Cooked black beans
114 calories per serving
7 cents per serving
Nutritional benefit: High in fiber, B Vitamins, and protein

Hard-boiled egg
78 calories per egg
9 cents per egg
Nutritional benefit: High in protein, iron, B12, and choline

Cooked noodles
166 calories per 3/4 cup
13 cents per serving
Nutritional benefit: complex carbs, B vitamins

Cooked broccoli
27 calories per 1/2 cup
33 cents per serving
Nutritional benefits: Vitamin C, A, fiber, phytochemicals

Chicken breast
142 calories per 4 oz
50 cents per serving
Nutritional benefit: protein, iron

Glazed donut
239 calories per donut
32 cents per serving
Nutritional benefit: Not much!

The moral of the story is that some of the cheapest foods are really nutritious and some of the most unhealthy foods are actually quite low in nutritional value. Broccoli is quite nutritious, but is costly. Choose your food dollars wisely--healthier foods are well worth it!

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