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Autumn Apples

Fall is definitely here, and we even had a "cold front" come through Florida last week when it got down into the low 60's overnight and high 70's and low 80's during the day. While I love living in Florida, I do miss the change of seasons. My favorite season is fall and it is tough to get into the spirit when you live down here. I miss crisp Saturdays watching football and the leaves changing.

One food that always reminds me of fall is a good crisp apple. A caramel apple is especially good, but be careful because just one could top off at over 500 calories. Instead, enjoy the natural sweetness of the apple itself without drowning it in added sugar. I also remember the sign going up at the local apple orchard advertising "Fresh Cider." Cider is different from apple juice in that it contains solids from the apple and is often not pasteurized.

Apples aren't just for eating whole or in the great American Apple Pie. You can use them in stuffing, slice them into salads, or even bake them with chicken or pork. Sliced apples go really well with a little bit of peanut butter or a slice of cheese.

Apples might be one fruit you might want to consider to purchase organic. They are high on the list of pesticide residue. If you do not buy organic apples, make sure you wash them and wipe them vigorously before eating to remove as much as possible.

Fun facts:
  • A large apple has about 100 calories and 5 grams of fiber
  • Contain phytochemicals called phenolics found in the skin of the apple
  • The largest source of phenolics in the American diet
  • High in antioxidants, specifically quercetin, catechin, phloridzin, and chlorogenic acid
  • The antioxidants and phytochemicals in the apple, especially the peel, may be very potent against cancers of the breast, liver, and colon
  • An apple a day may indeed assist in prevention of many diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes
  • The fiber in apples may assist in lowering cholesterol
  • The average US consumer eats 19 pounds of apples per year, or about one per week
  • More than half of apples grown for fresh eating in the US are grown in Washington state
  • There are nine major varieties of fresh eating apples
Check out this recipe for Sage Apple Chicken with Brie

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Photo courtesy of http://www.bestapples.com/Recipes/
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