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Diabetes Still Isn't Easy
Diabetes Still Isn't Easy

FDI is dedicated to diabetes education, nutritional counseling, and wellness programming.

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New Year, New You

The holidays have come and gone and it’s already 2013!  If you’re like my sister and me, you feel a little sad after the holidays wrap up.  We love holiday music, festive lights, and all the social gatherings.  When it’s all over it feels like a little bit of a let down.  And now it’s January, it’s cold and it gets dark really early.  But, instead of being sad, let’s try to make the most out of these winter months.  Here are some tips for starting 2013 off on the right note.

  1. Try a new winter sport or activity.  If there’s snow where you live, make the most of it.  Put on some warm winter clothes and go sledding!  I recently went sledding and I tell you what, I forgot how fun it is.  I also forgot about the amount of exercise that’s involved while walking back up the hill.  You could also throw on a good pair of warm winter boots and go on a hike.  Or try something new like snowshoeing or cross country skiing.  Shoveling snow may not be as fun as sledding, but it’s a great way to burn off a few calories.    
  2. Instead of being a couch potato all day on Saturday, do some organizing.  This is a good time to clean out your closets, cabinets, and drawers.  I usually find that once I start a project like this I get the motivation to clean other parts of my apartment.  It definitely is more rewarding than being sedentary.
  3. Have you been wanting to make a new recipe but haven’t been able to find time over the busy holiday months?  Well now’s the perfect time!  Whenever I’m reading a new recipe I always read the entire recipe first to see if there’s a way to make it healthier.  I almost always add less oil, add more spices, and add in more vegetables than it calls for.  I like making lentil and vegetable soups on Sundays because then I have my lunch planned out for the work week.
  4. Have you been meaning to test your blood sugar more often?  Or have you been told to keep a logbook?  If so, there are many Smartphone apps out there.  My patients have had good luck with “Diabetes Pal”, “Glucose Buddy”, and iBGStar”.  If you don’t have a Smartphone, that’s okay!  Keep track of your blood sugars on an excel spreadsheet or in a notebook.
  5. Do you feel like you’re always stressed out?  Between managing your diabetes and managing your life, stress can build up.  A good way to relieve stress is through meditation and yoga.  If you haven’t tried either of these before, give them a whirl!  It’s a new year and it’s time for a new yo
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About the Author


Lynn is a nutritionist and diabetes educator at the Friedman Diabetes Institute.