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Dancing with Depression
Dancing with Depression

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a health and relationships writer with a special interest in depression thanks to her own firsthand experience. She’ll share everything from her difficult diagnosis to how she learned to take the lead and dance with depression for the last 15+ years. Get ready for a wild and equally informative ride!

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The Twitching Eye

Stress can make your body do all sorts of weird stuff, so that's why it's important to make sure your "cup" doesn't get too full at once.

As I sit here watching my left eye lid twitch five times in a row, every half hour like clockwork, I am reminded again of all the crazy things that stress can do to your body. I remember the last time I experienced the crazy eye twitch, an eye doctor told me that stress and fatigue are responsible for most episodes of eye twitching and spasms and that being stressed or upset can even cause eye pain.

I use to find it hard to believe that stress or anxiety could be responsible for some of my physical symptoms and this was partly due to the fact that a lot of times I didn’t even know I was stressed out.  I guess I just got so good at brushing things off or was just so accustomed to living with stress and pushing past it that I thought I was fine when I actually wasn’t. One doctor put it best when they explained that my high tolerance for stress was like a big cup under a dripping faucet was slowly filling up the cup until there was room left for the water and it all came flooding out. Now I know when my “cup” is full and try to do something before it runneth over.

After much thought, I have figured out that this particular episode is the result of some things going on right now that I didn’t think should mess with my “cup.” Things like having to dogsit two very large dogs—one that’s more like a horse than a dog—a along with the two I already own, a slowdown in writing assignments after some time off, and a hair dying mishap that has left me looking like a reject from a teen vampire movie series. These things aren’t really a huge deal, but put ‘em all together and voilà, le eye twitch!

Does stress or emotional upset cause you any strange physical symptoms? Feel free to share at Health for Depression’s Facebook Page.

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