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Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a health and relationships writer with a special interest in depression thanks to her own firsthand experience. She’ll share everything from her difficult diagnosis to how she learned to take the lead and dance with depression for the last 15+ years. Get ready for a wild and equally informative ride!

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Depressed After A Nap?

Yeah, naps are supposed to be refreshing, but waking up from them can sometimes have counterproductive results. What gives?

I say all the time that I feel that depression stays a part of you even long after you feel that you’ve been “cured” and for me it seems most true after naps. I know it sounds strange, but I find that if I am going to feel upset/ sad/downright miserable for no apparent reason, it usually happens right when I wake up from a nap.

The way it goes down is pretty much always the same: I open my eyes after napping on the couch or bed and I am immediately hit with this intense feeling of gloom and doom. It hits me like a ton of bricks, lasts only a few minutes and then fades away. I have even been known to cry for a minute or two while still groggy, leading me to wonder if I am still somewhat asleep or just coming out of a sad dream. Weird.

After having it happen again just yesterday I decided to do exactly what we’re told not to: attempt to self-diagnose using the internet. I was sure that I wouldn’t find anything because let’s face it, naps are supposed to be relaxing and not the cause of depression or anxiety, so I was quite surprised to find over 55 million related results when I Googled “depressed after nap.” I guess I am more normal than I thought.

Though I didn’t read through the millions of results, I did manage to get through enough of them to discover that this is fairly common and that unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any real explanation for it or diagnosis.

I personally have always wondered if my love/hate relationship with sleep is behind it: sleep is necessary and can feel great, but for me has always felt like a bit of a waste of time because of all of the other things that I could or should be doing with that time.

Now I can’t help but wonder if there is more to it after seeing just how many people feel depressed after a nap.

Anyone else feel like their world is coming to an end after a nap? Visit Help for Depression’s Facebook page and let us know.

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