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Dad First, COPD Second
Dad First, COPD Second

Elizabeth provides support, insight and guidance for caregivers.

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How My Facebook Friends Quit Smoking

A grouping of One of the great things about social media is how instantly we connect. It never ceases to amaze me when I receive feedback from my blog posts.The best is when you support dad and me to carry on as he struggles to be smoke-free.

And so I dedicate this post to anyone who is trying to quit smoking.

Here are some shares from Facebook friends – I hope they help you:

Jessica, a longtime family friend, shares, “I quit a year ago and it hasn’t been easy. I pretty much just use the slogan ‘Just for Today.’ I threw away all cigarette lighters and ashtrays. I used to smoke a lot more at nighttime before going to sleep, so I started going to bed earlier so I wouldn’t get the urge to smoke.”

As always, I support you, Jess, and I’m proud of you. Keep it up!

Another friend, Michele, posted in the comments, “I had tried many times to quit. I was a major chain smoker. One day, I saw an ad in our local paper about a quit smoking hypnotist doing a ‘session’ that night. Well, that was 18 years ago and I haven't smoked since. Truly amazing - not even an urge! It works.”

For Pat, a friend and former co-worker, Chantix helped her. She tried it and ever since, has not had the “urge” to smoke. She even suggested it to friends and it’s worked for them as well. They stopped and don’t feel tempted to pick up again.

To figure out your best game plan, always discuss your options with your physician. You can also search your local and state websites. Near me, nyc.gov has amazing information linked to the NY State Department of Health Tobacco Control Program. The city airs a series of commercials that have a strong message. The other night, my father happened to see one. He yelled out, “Liz, can you go online and get me the NYC hotline number to quit smoking? I couldn’t jot it down in time.”

I almost reached for a Q-tip to make sure I heard correctly.  After I confirmed his request, I went online. I walked over with the number. I was holding back, but added, “I gave you this years ago and you called it.” “Yep,” he said, shrugging.

Like nature, you just never know when the seed you plant will be ready to grow. 

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About the Author

Elizabeth cares for her mother, a diabetic, and for her father, who suffers from COPD.