Planetary Progression of IBD

Thinking about the progression of an inflammatory flare-up, the process bears some similarity to the progression of planets… from the sun to the outer reaches of the solar system.

an image of the sunSun: A seemingly infinite source of flares. They all start here…


Planet MercuryMercury: A small planet, hard to notice, lost in the everyday illumination of normal life, making itself visible only in occasional circumstances. Like the first inklings of inflammation… is it there, or not?


Planet venusVenus: Next comes the planet with an atmosphere of toxic, sulfurey gasses—and a history of volcanic eruptions. Sounding like a flare-up yet?



planet earthEarth: The watery planet, and lots of it. Three-quarters water to be specific. It also has a gassy atmosphere… and lava flows too. Well on our way to symptomatic evidence.

planet marsMars: The red planet, the full blossoming of inflammation.



planet jupiterJupiter: What IBD looks like on the TV screen during a colonoscopy... white ulcerations, bloody streaks, and that giant round polyp.

planet saturnSaturn: A welcome sight at this point in the progression, the planet with a toilet seat around it. Ahh, finally some relief.


Planet UranusUranus: Well, self explanatory, except that it looks less like a planet and more like a star.



Planet neptuneNeptune: The cold blue planet, far from the heat of solar flares. The dwindling of inflammation, a cool-down. It may seem light years away but it’s still within sight.



PlutoPluto: What all of us want our disease to be like. One day it exists…then one day suddenly it doesn’t.

Or so we hope. Godspeed.

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