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  • Sep 15 2011

    Underwear: A Brief History

    Having patented a wide variety of fabrics, sewing machines and other equipment, George D. Munsing was an accomplished turn-of-the-century inventor and businessman. But perhaps his best-known contribution to the industrial revolution was his pio...

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  • Jul 07 2011

    Crap Apps Part II: TP Games!

    While perusing toilet-locator smartphone apps in a previous column, I stumbled across a couple of toilet-oriented games for these new wonder-devices. Silly as they may be, it’s at least a little bit of fun to see what whacky things people have ...

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  • Jun 30 2011

    Crap-Apps Part I: Smartphone Toilet Finders

    As I move across country, I’ve been experimenting with smartphone toilet-locator apps. While I’m pretty good at finding restrooms on my own, I thought I’d have a look at what assistance is available. There are a handful of them, but only a few ...

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  • Jun 09 2011

    Arizona Smoke-out: Solving a Sinus SOS

    Smoke from the Wallow wildfire. Photo courtesy of John Fowler, CC BY 2.0When I wrote my recent series of columns about quitting smoking, I was talking about smoking cigarettes. Since then it seems the state of Arizona has suddenly taken up a na...

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  • Apr 07 2011

    A Love/Sick Movie (a Sick Love Story)

    New on video last week was Love and Other Drugs, a thought-provoking, albeit relatively underdeveloped, film that highlights some interesting topics for those living with chronic illness. It begins with Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal), a footloose lady...

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  • Apr 04 2011

    The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pill-Poppers

    Managing Medications Part VTo conclude this series we will explore what I consider to be the most critical of all the medication management topics: remembering to take your meds. It’s all about reminders—remembering to carry and take meds, r...

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  • Mar 21 2011

    Managing Medications Part IV: Popper Tools

    Continuing our exploration of how to manage all those crazy pills and refills and pharmacy trips, and whatever else—or helping your child or loved one deal with this process—I’d like to introduce a number of tools I’ve used and witnessed that m...

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  • Mar 17 2011

    Managing Medications Part III: Get Organized

    This installment in our medication management series is all about one thing, the pill organizer. It’s the most important tool I use to coordinate my medications. It’s an indispensable dispenser. One of my most notable laments, however, is that ...

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  • Mar 15 2011

    Managing Medications Part II: Getting the Goods

    While it seems simple enough, sometimes managing your prescription inventory can be unexpectedly complicated. Pharmacies have policies, doctor approval is required for renewals, family members need to understand the details, and there’s a lot ...

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Andrew Tubesing is an acclaimed advocate and humorist on the subject of inflammatory bowel disease.