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  • Sep 26 2011

    Ostomy Uncovered

    Uncover Ostomy, Courtesy of Uncover OstomyAs a support group leader I often get calls about the details of the group’s activities, meeting times, and locations. But occasionally people just need someone to talk to, and sometimes they’re despera...

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  • Aug 04 2011

    Top 10 Reasons to Attend an IBD Support Group Meeting

    There is much benefit to interacting with others in your coping and healing process… 10. Meet other people with digestive illness. 9. Hear about how others cope with your same challenges. 8. Learn food diary techniques. 7. Share ...

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  • Jun 23 2011

    Manly Meds Part II: Testosterone

    In addition to the “annoyances” category of Prednisone side effects, there are a number of potentially harmful complications. One of the more common of these problems is a reduction in bone density. I’ve been getting annual bone density exams s...

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  • Jun 21 2011

    Manly Meds Part I: Prednisone

    I’ve taken a number of medications for my IBD over the years. Most of these have been targeted at the overactive immune response, in hopes of reducing inflammation. Prednisone is the grand-daddy of all anti-inflammatories. It’s classified a...

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  • Jun 09 2011

    Arizona Smoke-out: Solving a Sinus SOS

    Smoke from the Wallow wildfire. Photo courtesy of John Fowler, CC BY 2.0When I wrote my recent series of columns about quitting smoking, I was talking about smoking cigarettes. Since then it seems the state of Arizona has suddenly taken up a na...

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  • May 23 2011

    IBD Treatments: A Love/Hate Story of Risk/Benefit Analysis

    It appears that there are only two possible responses to the fine print that comes with our prescriptions and IBD treatments. Either we’re put to sleep with the boring tedium of it all, or, if we’re paying attention, we could easily come to she...

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  • Mar 17 2011

    Managing Medications Part III: Get Organized

    This installment in our medication management series is all about one thing, the pill organizer. It’s the most important tool I use to coordinate my medications. It’s an indispensable dispenser. One of my most notable laments, however, is that ...

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  • Mar 15 2011

    Managing Medications Part II: Getting the Goods

    While it seems simple enough, sometimes managing your prescription inventory can be unexpectedly complicated. Pharmacies have policies, doctor approval is required for renewals, family members need to understand the details, and there’s a lot ...

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  • Mar 10 2011

    Managing Medications Part I: Pharmaceutical Buffet

    It’s become a Sunday tradition… I haul out my stash of prescriptions from the shelf, sit down at my desk, and assemble the week’s pharmaceutical buffet. It’s a less-than-tasty assortment of IBD meds, sinus treatments, vitamins, and a handful of...

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About the Author

Andrew Tubesing is an acclaimed advocate and humorist on the subject of inflammatory bowel disease.