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  • Feb 28 2012


    o·a·sis: something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast Imagine a child afflicted by a gut-wrenching disease. Terrible pain, urgent restroom use, and lots and lots of diarrhea. Bloody diarrhea. Fearsome surgeries, troublesom...

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  • Feb 16 2012

    Seat Sock: Tidy Toilet Technology

    Courtesy of I was recently visiting a local casino with my sister-in-law when she discovered something I’d never heard of. After a post-bingo potty break, she came out of the restroom seeming very excited, asking if I’d exp...

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  • Jan 26 2012

    I Have What?

    Your first three words. The next two, in response, are always puzzling regardless of which pair you get, “Ulcerative colitis” or “Crohn’s disease.” You talk, you wonder, you worry, you try to understand. You ask a lot of questions but the a...

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  • Jan 24 2012

    Wonder Wipes: Instant Washcloths

    Instant washcloths can be an indispensable tool for IBD patients, or anyone with digestive distress. There have many other uses as well. The basic concept is a small disposable towel, hyper-compressed into a little pill shape which pops to life...

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  • Jan 12 2012

    Crappie House

    Sarah GowerIn the northern reaches of the USA and Canada, and perhaps a few other places nutty enough to join in, people partake in an activity many of us could never understand. In a climate where November easily freezes every lake, and March...

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  • Dec 30 2011

    Holiday Hints

    As we prepare for the next round of holiday festivities, I am reminded of the variety of challenges we face with digestive illness. Sticking to dietary protocol over the holidays is often difficult to manage. We tend to eat out more and have mo...

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  • Nov 24 2011

    Gratitude Attitude

    As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I am humbled by so many reasons to feel fortunate. Living with a chronic disease is not typically the sort of thing a person gives thanks for, but I still celebrate the blessings it has brought me. Certai...

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  • Oct 28 2011

    Wheat Retreat: Quinoa

    Digestive illnesses have a tendency to make people think a lot about the food they eat. How each food interacts with the digestive system becomes a common concern, and one of the most discussed topics in IBD life. Regardless of the underlying c...

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  • Aug 22 2011

    A Doctor’s Note

    As a patient of a chronic illness, it’s likely that you’ve faced some difficult burdens. Sure, the regular challenges of the disease are there, but sometimes the subsequent logistical hassles can also be quite cumbersome and intimidating. Ev...

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  • Aug 11 2011

    Camp Oasis Revisited

    Last week I had another opportunity to visit Camp Oasis. Organized by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), these camps offer a unique experience for kids who otherwise might not be able to attend a traditional camp. Equipped ...

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About the Author

Andrew Tubesing is an acclaimed advocate and humorist on the subject of inflammatory bowel disease.