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  • Oct 07 2011

    Physician Mission

    After moving across the country, it’s a daunting process to search for a new doctor. Really it’s a team of doctors I need to find. A gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, orthopedist, and physical therapist, among others—and I also need a new ge...

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  • Oct 03 2011

    An Evening of Hope

    It went for $50. Yes, somebody in the audience paid $50 for a four-pack of toilet paper. That’s what happens when you bring together a group of people who are united to cure a disease. Saturday night, I had the honor of serving as emcee and...

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  • Sep 29 2011

    Easy Does It

    Spending a night with a bellyache, gurgling intestines, and the subsequent paranoia about what it could mean is a provoking reminder. When I’m feeling relatively well, able to eat comfortably, and mostly free of the more troublesome IBD symptom...

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  • Sep 26 2011

    Ostomy Uncovered

    Uncover Ostomy, Courtesy of Uncover OstomyAs a support group leader I often get calls about the details of the group’s activities, meeting times, and locations. But occasionally people just need someone to talk to, and sometimes they’re despera...

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  • Sep 19 2011

    Dear John

    Dear Restroom Designer/Installer/Manager: I’ve said it before, but apparently I have to say it again… If there are shreds of toilet paper all over the floor in the toilet stalls, it means your dispensers suck, or the paper is to...

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  • Sep 15 2011

    Underwear: A Brief History

    Having patented a wide variety of fabrics, sewing machines and other equipment, George D. Munsing was an accomplished turn-of-the-century inventor and businessman. But perhaps his best-known contribution to the industrial revolution was his pio...

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  • Sep 12 2011

    Lactose Lucidity: Latte Lento

    Over time, we learn to adapt to the special package of hardships and limitations we encounter in the journey through chronic illness. But I’ve had a reminder lately that things can (and do) evolve in both directions. Early on in my IBD histo...

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  • Sep 08 2011

    Lab Lab Test

    Perusing the many competition entries at the state fair was much more fascinating than I would have imagined. I’d never paid much attention to these exhibits before, but this year I found myself marveling at the copious variety of awards presen...

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  • Sep 02 2011

    Two State Fairs & One Fare Miracle

    This year, I managed to hit two different state fairs in less than a week. I ate: kettle cornfunnel cakejambalayagyrosfish tacosseafood chowderroasted sweet corna pretzel doga pickle doga quart of French friesa quart of chocolate chip cookiesmas...

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  • Aug 29 2011

    Adventure (un)Bound?

    After spending a week traveling around Alaska, I am amazed by its size and beauty. Spectacular sights lie around every corner, no matter where you go. But I am even more impressed by Alaska’s people and its culture of independence. While there ...

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