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  • May 31 2011

    Colitis and Cigarettes: Part 2

    Charms blow pops, photo courtesy of Toshimasa Ishibashi, CC BY 2.0This is Part 2 of a three-part story of colitis and cigarettes. Read Part 1.The previous time I’d tried to quit smoking, I woke up the next morning freaking out and panicking at t...

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  • May 26 2011

    Colitis and Cigarettes: Part 1

    This is Part 1 of a three-part story of colitis and cigarettes.Last month marked my anniversary of quitting smoking. The date came and went without my noticing until a few days after. I must admit I feel very fortunate to get to this point, when...

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  • May 19 2011

    A Lavatory Discovery Story

    Patients of digestive illnesses have much in common, and they differ widely as well, but there’s one unavoidable truth that applies to us all:toilets are paramount. We don’t really feel like we know whereweare unless we know wheretheyare. And how ...

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  • May 16 2011

    Midlife Cricycle

    Spring has definitely arrived. I am in the mood that comes along with the smell of lilacs and rain. I grill out even though it’s still getting dark a bit early, I wear flip-flops even though it’s still too chilly, and I want to be outside, all ...

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  • Apr 19 2011

    Restroom Radar

    Nowhere To Go, Photo by AndrewEnjoying some lovely spring weather this week, I decide to take a drive through one of the more scenic areas of my state. The journey from Santa Fe to Durango is notable for many things—beautiful scenery, roadrunn...

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  • Apr 07 2011

    A Love/Sick Movie (a Sick Love Story)

    New on video last week was Love and Other Drugs, a thought-provoking, albeit relatively underdeveloped, film that highlights some interesting topics for those living with chronic illness. It begins with Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal), a footloose lady...

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