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  • Dec 06 2011


    As IBD patients, we are often looking for new ways to get the nourishment we need. Digestive complications can force us to find alternatives to problematic foods, while sometimes we get tired of true foods and want to try something new. I hav...

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  • Nov 24 2011

    Gratitude Attitude

    As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I am humbled by so many reasons to feel fortunate. Living with a chronic disease is not typically the sort of thing a person gives thanks for, but I still celebrate the blessings it has brought me. Certai...

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  • Nov 21 2011

    How to Fly on the Sly, Part 2: Tricky Situations

    Continuing from our last discussion on how to politely excuse oneself from company in the event a restroom emergency… While group conversations adapt relatively easily around the departure of a member, it’s not always a conversation that we’...

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  • Nov 17 2011

    How to Fly on the Sly, Part 1: Conversations

    Social Strategies for Restroom Emergencies As IBD patients, we know all too well how awkward it can feel when we urgently need to use the restroom in the midst of conversation. How do we slip away quickly without making a scene? Individu...

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  • Oct 31 2011

    Quinoa Part 2: Tabouli Salad

    Continuing our exploration of this protein-filled superfood, I offer my favorite quinoa salad recipe, as promised last time. Tabouli (AKA “tabbouleh”) is a traditional Mediterranean dish made of fresh vegetables and a grain, typically wheat bul...

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  • Oct 28 2011

    Wheat Retreat: Quinoa

    Digestive illnesses have a tendency to make people think a lot about the food they eat. How each food interacts with the digestive system becomes a common concern, and one of the most discussed topics in IBD life. Regardless of the underlying c...

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  • Oct 25 2011

    Movie Madness

    Tonight I sit in a coffee shop across the street from a neighborhood movie theater. It seems to belong to a nostalgic bit of yesteryear, when people lived near where they shopped. It’s the kind of theater with only one screen. The sort that peo...

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  • Oct 18 2011

    Step It Up

    Recent talk about marathons and jogging programs started a foray into exercise possibilities. While running is very accessible and requires minimal equipment, there’s something that’s even simpler... Walking. Walking can be a good way to ...

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  • Oct 13 2011

    Couch Your Doubt: Get Up & Get Out Part 2

    Last time we talked about Team Challenge, a half-marathon training and fund-raising program put on by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. This time we’ll look at another goal that might be a bit more manageable—either on its own, or ...

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  • Oct 11 2011

    Couch Your Doubt: Get Up & Get Out Part 1

    CCFA Team Challenge, Courtesy of CCFATime and time again we hear about the benefits of exercise. General consensus: it’s good for pretty much everyone, even people with chronic illnesses. If you’ve been sick, exercise is a great way to help yo...

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